The Intrinsic Earth concept

We have direction signs along our roads and streets, have mapped much of the world, and satnav can locate you to the nearest metre but when it comes to developing our towns, cities, businesses, nations and ourselves we use concepts that blind us to many areas of knowledge that are critical to the constitution of our world. Intrinsic Earth helps to restore these relations by replacing modern knowledge, understanding, goals and ambitions with ecological relations.

The Intrinsic Earth approach links new science and enduring traditions to guide intrinsically engaging forms of development.

The Intrinsic Earth concept

Episteme change - where we are now

An episteme refers to the possibility of knowledge in any age. From the belief in god making the Renaissance episteme possible, through belief in rationality in the Classical episteme and belief in the search for origins making the Modern episteme, belief in empirically-grounded scientific knowledge of man's origins makes the Primal Episteme possible.

The renaissance episteme
The classical episteme
The modern episteme
The primal episteme
Episteme history

Consequences of the Primal Episteme

The Primal Episteme and its reporters are not telling anyone what to do or how to behave. It is a new possibility of knowledge, an opening to a new world to be explored. It brings new opportunities, and new consequences.

The consequences can be broadly grouped into Personal, Social and Business. For businesses this means operating in a new context and in new ways.

Many businesses are already beginning to reflect this change. It can be typified by change from Bulldozer Companies in a passive nature to Boat Companies in an active nature.

The change in business nature

The changing context of the primal episteme puts businesses amongst and part of a wider ecosystem, requiring new practices and knowledge.

This has given rise to Extended Performance Appraisal: Social, Environmental, Sustainability & Ecological Accounting, Ecological Footprint Analyses; New Triple Top Line Objectives; The Ecological Business Paradigm; Ecological Economics and much more.


The inherited model


The current model


The emerging model